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October Friday 6, 2023



Recent findings show that the interaction of immune genes and environmental factors influencing immunity, such as infections and stress, shape the establishment of neuronal circuits (proliferation, migration, synaptogenesis) but also in the control of their refinement and plasticity at postnatal stages. Disruptions in these interactions between immunity and brain during development have a major impact on the occurrence of psychiatric diseases: for example, consistent epidemiological studies have identified prenatal exposure to infection as a risk factor for a range of mental disorders, including autism spectrum disorders and schizophrenia.
The goal of the colloquium is to present the most recent and significant findings on the links between immunity, brain development, and psychiatric pathologies.

Time has also been prioritized for poster presentations and discussion.

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Corentin Le Magueresse
Institut du Fer à Moulin, Paris
Anne Roumier
Institut du Fer à Moulin, Paris
Vincent Vialou
Neurosciences Paris Seine, Paris


Sonial Garel
Collège de France, Paris
Pierre Gressens
Hôpital Robert Debré, Paris
Ryad Tamouza
Institut Mondor de Recherche Biomédicale, Créteil

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